Chili & Garlic - Hot - 16oz
Chili & Garlic - Hot - 16oz

Chili & Garlic - Hot - 16oz

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Weight: 1.0 pound / 16 ounces


Ingredients: Oil, dried chili, vegetable stock, honey, onion, garlic

Crunchy garlic fried and mixed with chili oil.

Definitely spicy and will hit the spot and will knock you socks off. 

Spicy level 1 to 10, 10 is the spiciest. Ranked 7 spicy level. 

This can be consumed with almost anything. Also can be used to cook since there's an oil base. 

Be Careful and make sure to eat this with food. 

Please keep in cool area for long lasting but most likely it will be finished since it can be used with every meal.

If you cannot handle spicy this is not the Chili for you.